One beautiful mug mailed to you
and the other mailed to your friend.

We admire a commitment to friendship. It's actually how Our Common Mug came to be.

Two best friends, who were inseparable in college, graduated and moved states away from each other for their newly acquired jobs.

Since they couldn't just meet up at their favorite coffeehouse anymore, they looked for a new way to make sure they kept in touch and involved in each other's lives.

Enter a stroke of genius.

Even though they couldn't physically meet up for coffee, why not find a pair of mugs to sip coffee from while they Skype and catch up? They immediately knew they were onto something.

So, these two best friends searched everywhere for the perfect mugs but didn't find exactly what they were looking for. On a whim, they reached out to HAAND (Named 2013 Best Ceramicists by DWELL Magazine) in North Caroline with the idea to create their own and a partnership was born.

Just like these friends who made a commitment to their friendship, our dream is to connect friends who have relocated to other parts of the world, family members who don't get to see each other enough, or to simply create a daily ritual for a hubby and wife.

Join the story and reconnect with friends or family today.

Let's Connect!